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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Why do I like chicks?

Why do I like chicks?
Chicks are little animals that chirp like this
*chirps like a chick*
Why do I think chicks are cute?
I think chicks are cute because they are fluffy.
What is fun about chicks?
Visiting their cage after every 5 seconds
Making them follow you when you move your finger.
What is bad about the chicks?
They smell bad.
They spill their food.
What makes chicks so interesting?
Their "fluffyness"
Seeing them chirp, run, and eat.
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Friday, July 22, 2005



Are they cute to you?
Would you like to eat them if you have them as a pet?
What do you think?
Would you like them as a pet?
Are you sure?
Do they poop alot?
Will they survive in your house?
Do you think so?
Will you treat them bad?
Is that right?
Will you watch them lay eggs?
Are you going to?

Answer these questions if you like... even i'm not sure about my answers....

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Do you think dogs are cute?
Are they? Are they really that cute?
Do you think dogs are smelly?
Really? Are they really that smelly?
Do you think dogs should be in your house?
Should they?
What kind of food do dogs like best?
Is it dog food?
Do you think dogs are bad animals?
Are they bad?
What do you think the dogs' purpose in life is?
What do you think?
Are the dogs important?
Are they really that important?

hmmm... if you would like to answer those questions leave a comment... i dont even know the answers...

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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Visits in school

A few weeks ago our old classmates, Laura, Celine, and Bianca visited school. The first one to arrive was Celine. When Celine arrived she was wearing her Assumption uniform. The next one to arrive was Bianca. When Bianca arrived in the class.. most of the 2-B's were shouting in an suprised-"ahhh" way because they thought that Laura would come instead. Amanda recived a text-message the day before saying that Bianca would leave.. but was it true?! NO it wasn't!! The last one to arrive was Laura because she didn't have school in the afternoon. When she arrived, most of the girls all said "LAURA!! I MISSED YOU!" "LAURA?!" "HI LAURA!"

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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

School Days

At school we had to write our homework(as usual) and Jovy was always the last to finish his work so, we were all telling Jovy to go faster and faster. Then teacher announced that we will have math when its 2:00 pm if we weren't finish writing our homework but there would only be math for fifteen minutes. We worried if we would finish it or not. The clock was ticking.. The 2-C's(Grade 6) were counting down.. "10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0!!!" All the 2-B's(Grade 5) were shouting and saying "NOOOO!!" and "AAAAAAAAAAH!" After a few minutes teacher announced that no more math then we all said "YAY!!!!!" We were all shouting for joy then teacher said "No more Math for today if you are QUIET." Then a few milliseconds the whole classroom was quiet except the 2-A's side (Grade 4).

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Monday, July 18, 2005

Poop Day

It was a Thursday when it was "Poop Day" it was poop day because it was the day when my chicks made lots, lots, and lots of smelly poop. I asked one of our helpers "Can you clean my chicks?" then she said "No, maybe later I'm working" When I arrived home from school i looked at my chicks and they still had smelly poop so i asked my helper again "Can you clean my chicks, now?" then she said "No I can't I'm still working ask Yaya Aby if she will clean your chicks" so I asked Yaya Aby then she said "I can't right now I'm still ironing your clothes maybe later" so i wondered why didn't anyone want to clean my chicks? was it because the smelled horrible? after i thought of that i took a shower and when i was done it was about 8:45 pm and i checked on my chicks once again and the still smelled horrible so i wondered why they didn't clean my chicks? The next day was a friday and i checked on my chicks when i got home and they were finally clean!!! and they said that it was our driver that finnally cleaned them!!!!! yey! maybe the helpers didn't wanna clean them because the smelled horrible..

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Happy Wednesday Afternoon

well.. it all started on wednesday morning.. my little chick died..(see freckle-face's blog about sad wednesday) When i arrived home from school i saw two baby chicks and they were in a cage and i was thinking... did my little blue chick arise from the dead and became its natural color once again?! then i asked my lola's driver why are there two chicks and a cage then he said that he got me a new chick because the blue one died and my mom bought me the cage so that they won't escape MWAHAHAHA WOW WHAT A MIRACLE!! well was i lucky or what? from now on you can call me "The luckiest Girl alive" hehe but dont really call me that.

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I'm officially a blogger!

hi everyone!

I'm finally a blogger yey! *smiles ang giggles* well.. what do I have to say well first of all I'm in my lola's house right now... and my mom, my brother, and lola are just gazing at the computer looking at our pictures from Dumaguete and not minding my buisness blogging right now... hehe. Second of all.. I have only one thing to say hmm... "LETS ALL BE REALLY HAPPY!" hehe. wheeeeeeeee!!!...

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P.P.S. I'm hyper/crazy today.