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Friday, July 22, 2005


Do you think dogs are cute?
Are they? Are they really that cute?
Do you think dogs are smelly?
Really? Are they really that smelly?
Do you think dogs should be in your house?
Should they?
What kind of food do dogs like best?
Is it dog food?
Do you think dogs are bad animals?
Are they bad?
What do you think the dogs' purpose in life is?
What do you think?
Are the dogs important?
Are they really that important?

hmmm... if you would like to answer those questions leave a comment... i dont even know the answers...

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Blogger nitz said...

I love Elvis,
the Doberman with the soulful eyes,
the mate of Blue Eyes!
Dobie was a human dog !
But he does not like chickens!
One day he got sick
Tito Ryan and Tita Tricia brought him to the UP Veterinary clinic.
He had a tumor in his tummy.
I cry in my heart everytime I think of him
He left His Blue Eyes to care for the pups!Blue Eyes is brave but he was sad for days on end. What a pity!

Sunday, July 24, 2005


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