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Monday, July 18, 2005

Poop Day

It was a Thursday when it was "Poop Day" it was poop day because it was the day when my chicks made lots, lots, and lots of smelly poop. I asked one of our helpers "Can you clean my chicks?" then she said "No, maybe later I'm working" When I arrived home from school i looked at my chicks and they still had smelly poop so i asked my helper again "Can you clean my chicks, now?" then she said "No I can't I'm still working ask Yaya Aby if she will clean your chicks" so I asked Yaya Aby then she said "I can't right now I'm still ironing your clothes maybe later" so i wondered why didn't anyone want to clean my chicks? was it because the smelled horrible? after i thought of that i took a shower and when i was done it was about 8:45 pm and i checked on my chicks once again and the still smelled horrible so i wondered why they didn't clean my chicks? The next day was a friday and i checked on my chicks when i got home and they were finally clean!!! and they said that it was our driver that finnally cleaned them!!!!! yey! maybe the helpers didn't wanna clean them because the smelled horrible..

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