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Thursday, September 29, 2005

What happened?!

Did someone ever steal your things? did you find what was stolen from you? my friends had a very strange day.

Yesterday when we were supposed to go home from religion class, Sugar and Gaby couldnt find their bags. only their lunch and jugs were only there and mine was left where it was. we wondered where it is and why didnt they get my bag too?... it was very strange... the next day (which is today) i asked what happened to their bags. they said that it was near the fire exit. so they pointed it to me and i saw stairs leading to the level 2 upstairs. and they told me that there was a push cart under the stairs and under the cart was both of their bags...

On the same day, amanda was out side going to buy choco mallows. she put her lunchbox down and asked Kuya Rowel (the canteen dude) if there were mallows. she put her bag down and looked for mallows. when she turned back her lunchbox was gone.... very strange...

Also on the same day, chessa was somewhere in the school and she left her bag in the bag area and left. when she was going to go home, her bag was gone....very strange...

the weird thing is that we all know each other and somehow connected to each other. my teacher told us that he/she might be planning a trick. my other teacher told me to tell the schools secretary about this. i ran into the class and shouted, "YOU MIGHT BE THE NEXT VICTIM OF THE BAG-STEALING GUY!!!!" who will be the next victim...?

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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

they are driving me nuts!!!!!

my cousins, vino and sofia have been sleeping in my house for over 2 days and have already driven me crazy. they mess up my room... and more... here is a list that i want them to do...

1. Stop shouting too loud
it makes my ears hurt...ouch...

2. Stop jumping on the bed
like monkeys... they might fall and bump their heads.

3. Don't mess up my room
soon i wont be able to see my stuff.

4. Share

5. Stop starring at stuff while we are talking to you
they dont listen when they are playing gameboy.

6. Ask permission
They got my monopoly with out asking.

7. Put back in the same place
my hotels in monopoly are gone.

8. Take care of other peoples stuff/toys
my room... and other stuff.

this is the 8-numbered list that i want them to do...
but i still had fun anyway...

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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

tik tilaok

have you ever heard of the legend: The Rooster in the Sun? well its about this rooster named, Tik tilaok. all the roosters back then flew across the sky. the enemy of tik tilaok was and eagle (i forgot the name) they had a race. who could reach the sun faster? all the roosters lended their feathers to tik tilaok so that tik tilaok can fly fast enough. when they were going to start the race, the eagle looked so puny to tik tilaok. the eagle was not frightened because of his gigantic size. when they started to race, the eagle was faster then tik tilaok but tik tilaok caught up. the eagle soon fell down with a big crash in the forest. the roosters were overjoyed that they won and the eagles started looking for the other eagle. everymorning when the sun is low, all the roosters crowd up in one place and hop on one foot saying "Tik tilaok, are you there yet?" While all the eagles flew in the sky trying to find the other eagle. Now the roosters cant fly anymore...

My little chick now goes "Tok, tok, tok."... soon he will be able to shout "Tik tilaok, are you there yet?" hehe

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Monday, September 12, 2005

Leprechaun Clan's logo

Look at the logo i made for the clan...Ü
It looks a little foggy because its on webcam.
Tell me how you think about this logo.

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Sunday, September 11, 2005

La...La... the Leprechaun Clan

My friends and i have started a club called "The Leprechaun Clan" because we all like the word, Leprechaun. our teacher made us think about leprechauns because of her four-leaf clovers. our "clan" gets donations from people and then donates it to the church... well thats what we thought of. our teacher soon noticed that we have our own clan so she asked us if we wanted a going-out activity to the Magallanes church. we all were so happy to plan it... so were getting ready. amanda asked teacher if it was going to be a "graded" work and teacher soon said "Yes." my classmates, Maia and Sugar soon wanted to join. It was wierd because the day before, Maia said our clan was freaky and wierd... so i was thinking why we should put her in... my fellow "leprechaun", isabel said that maia was dishonest so i didn't know what to do... reject her or just let her in. Sugar was ok to be in but sometimes she would be annoying and... well hmmm... mean-ish. we started off maia as a "Junior member" and Sugar as a "Mini member" soon after, isabel asked me, "Do you think maia just wants the grade?" then i said " I wouldn't know, i'm not her." We decided to kick maia and sugar out of the clan. sugar didn't mind at all she said it was our decision and we still made sugar the helper. maia didn't understand why she was going to be kicked out of the clan... the next day, maia IM-ed me asking if i was going to kick her out for real i said "We have to think about it." then she replyed with a "..." Now the leprechaun clan has a logo thanks to, ME! hehe Ü. I hope maia will understand...



P.S our club is also known as A.G.A.I.A

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