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Thursday, September 29, 2005

What happened?!

Did someone ever steal your things? did you find what was stolen from you? my friends had a very strange day.

Yesterday when we were supposed to go home from religion class, Sugar and Gaby couldnt find their bags. only their lunch and jugs were only there and mine was left where it was. we wondered where it is and why didnt they get my bag too?... it was very strange... the next day (which is today) i asked what happened to their bags. they said that it was near the fire exit. so they pointed it to me and i saw stairs leading to the level 2 upstairs. and they told me that there was a push cart under the stairs and under the cart was both of their bags...

On the same day, amanda was out side going to buy choco mallows. she put her lunchbox down and asked Kuya Rowel (the canteen dude) if there were mallows. she put her bag down and looked for mallows. when she turned back her lunchbox was gone.... very strange...

Also on the same day, chessa was somewhere in the school and she left her bag in the bag area and left. when she was going to go home, her bag was gone....very strange...

the weird thing is that we all know each other and somehow connected to each other. my teacher told us that he/she might be planning a trick. my other teacher told me to tell the schools secretary about this. i ran into the class and shouted, "YOU MIGHT BE THE NEXT VICTIM OF THE BAG-STEALING GUY!!!!" who will be the next victim...?

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Blogger nitz said...

I think the situation is not only strange or weird. It is something serious.This should be reported to the office so security could be alerted. Okay, take care all the time.Your bag might be next!

Saturday, October 01, 2005


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