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Friday, August 12, 2005

Bad Day...

Yesterday was a bad day. It all started fun and happy in the morning... But when we were going home it turned bad. It was the one of the carpool mates car... Billie didn't like some of the carpool mates because they were annoying. Billie wanted to poke Gian with an umbrella... so she found one and she tried to poke Gian but he got the umbrella in the front. They were fighting by using the umbrella (They were fighting as in the umbrellas were like swords) then Gian's umbrella went close to us so I grabbed it from him. Then Billie started to pull it with me but he was forcing the umbrella to go his way. Billie's 5 fingers got hurt because of the pull. Gian started laughing "evilly" so i got annoyed. Then Billie said "Ouch.." Then Gian poked Billie in the wrist. So i said "How would you feel if you got poked really hard?" Then he said "I already got poked in the eye." Then Billie said "But was it us who poked you in the eye?" Then Gian said "No." Then Billie said "So why are you poking us if we didn't do anything to your eye?" Then i started getting the umbrella from him he pulled it from me and i hurt the something in between my thumb and my pointer finger. Then I said "Treat others how you want them to treat you." So Gian stopped poking us. Then I started saying "I miss Bea" Then Billie started singing a song by Bea..."When I was born i farted on a mushroom, When I was little I trippedon my own clothes, On that day on i used to drive a school bus, But what am I now just a lame old man"

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Blogger nitz said...

Take care all the time.The umbrella can be a weapon of destruction!Freak accidents can happen.So take care!

Saturday, August 13, 2005


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