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Sunday, September 11, 2005

La...La... the Leprechaun Clan

My friends and i have started a club called "The Leprechaun Clan" because we all like the word, Leprechaun. our teacher made us think about leprechauns because of her four-leaf clovers. our "clan" gets donations from people and then donates it to the church... well thats what we thought of. our teacher soon noticed that we have our own clan so she asked us if we wanted a going-out activity to the Magallanes church. we all were so happy to plan it... so were getting ready. amanda asked teacher if it was going to be a "graded" work and teacher soon said "Yes." my classmates, Maia and Sugar soon wanted to join. It was wierd because the day before, Maia said our clan was freaky and wierd... so i was thinking why we should put her in... my fellow "leprechaun", isabel said that maia was dishonest so i didn't know what to do... reject her or just let her in. Sugar was ok to be in but sometimes she would be annoying and... well hmmm... mean-ish. we started off maia as a "Junior member" and Sugar as a "Mini member" soon after, isabel asked me, "Do you think maia just wants the grade?" then i said " I wouldn't know, i'm not her." We decided to kick maia and sugar out of the clan. sugar didn't mind at all she said it was our decision and we still made sugar the helper. maia didn't understand why she was going to be kicked out of the clan... the next day, maia IM-ed me asking if i was going to kick her out for real i said "We have to think about it." then she replyed with a "..." Now the leprechaun clan has a logo thanks to, ME! hehe Ü. I hope maia will understand...



P.S our club is also known as A.G.A.I.A

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Blogger freckle-face said...

hi ate!
that's a nice idea, donating to the church. just make sure you write down and keep a record of all the donations from people who donate in a small notebook... have someone be in-charge of safe-keeping donations, and make sure you donate the donations you get! and by the way, maybe it would be good to accept friends who are interested to join your club so you'll have more people helping out in your cause... instead of rejecting these people who want to join just because you think they're "not so nice". these people may still change for the better, you know. you can always have a "core group" (made up of the original members A.G.A.I.A.) and the others will be "affiliate members"... check "affiliate" in the dictionary... :) good luck to the leprechauns!

Monday, September 12, 2005

Blogger mama_aly said...

awwwww! i feel bad about the ones that got "voted out".

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


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