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Tuesday, April 11, 2006


i went to the JYA camp on April 6-9 in Bluroze Farms, Lipa Batangas.

For the first day we had to be in the edsa central at 6:00 am. I woke up at 4:58 am because i thought it was 5. when i got to the bus, we were late because we arrived at 6:08 (tsk... 8 minutes late...). the first bus was FULL. we rode the Grand Star bus. my partner in the bus was selene. See, i have proof.
you know what was annoying? this wire beside my chair kept on hurting me. and yes, it did hurt. our bus trip was about 2 hours long so we got there at 10:00 because we had to leave at 8:00. I slept for awhile and when i woke up i thought everybody was gone. but when i looked around, we just stopped for a wee-wee break. when we finally got there, we couldnt turn the bus. we took like 5 minutes just trying to turn the bus. when we FINALLY go there, we had to look around. like the bathroom and stuffs. after that we had to go to our team. we were assigned. my team mates are kyla, icia, marsha and janine. our team captain was tita malou.

For our first game we had to make a vowel prayer. next was the monument making and the team cheer. Our team name was Jesus our Savior. After we took a bath we had to join groups with a boys group named the Faithful Noah (so now our name is Faithful Savior.) and make the short play of David and Goliath. but we wernt joined yet we just had to show it to them. for the play, i was GOD. and wow i even had spotlight. heh that ends the day.

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Blogger mama_aly said...

am so glad you went to camp together with selene. going on summers together was something i did with my brother and your mom and her brothers when we were young kids.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


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