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Thursday, October 13, 2005


Today is one of our members in the L.C.'s (leprechaun clan) Birthday!!! and not to mention tita lidie's birthday also! alex (the birthday girl) planned a party in school and it was fun...

i was helping her give out the clue (well i was one two.) so maia v. and i were hiding we couldnt find a place so we just stayed on a bench. i was running and then soon hurt my leg. i was running slow and soon after, a stampede of my classmates rushed onto me and, not to mention crushed me... WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. i slowly ran to the classroom. once i was at the door, (finnally) some person pushed me and i fell on my knees and hit my head on the solid wooden door, and yes, it did make a very loud sound. amanda and mrs. dadis asked if i was ok. i laughed and stood up while my knees and legs started to stand up. once i was already up, some other person pushed me... WAAAAAAAAH.

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P.S. I am so hurt that Maia T. and Alex are reading my journal... I NEED PRIVACY!! I dont even read theirs!!! :(... hmph... how would they feel if i did that to them?



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