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Sunday, December 11, 2005


for the past three days our families have been having parities and they were very very fun!

1. The Christmas bazaar in school.
on thursday there was a bazaar in school with many things to do. the booths were: DJ booth, kiddie booth, movie booth, horror booth, torture booth, jail booth, marriage booth, and game booth. you need to pay "chits" (the tickets) for each booth. and the prices were: DJ booth around 1-20 chits, kiddie booth 5-10 chits, movie booth 25 chits, horror booth 30 chits, torture booth... no price you usually pay in the DJ booth to request for someone to get tortured, jail booth 25 chits for bailing, marriage booth again no price pay in the DJ booth, and game booth 20 chits. The DJs would either make up their own requests or someone will go up there. the DJs control the jailers and the jailers will catch you. they will be either assigned to torture, jail, or marry you unless you are in the movie booth or horror booth. If you get tortured, they will splat a pie in your face... but its UNCOOKED. they mix it with eggs and flour...i think. If you get married, you will be handcuffed to your husband/wife and will have a stamp of a kiss mark on your body... and also will have to walk around the whole school together. the jail booth of course, you will stay there unless you bail or run away or wait for 5 miniutes. in the game booth, you will play games on the X-box or PS2 which to me, is boring. for movie booth, you will watch movies but, you have to pay for all of them. the kiddie booth you play games there and you win prizes. the horror booth is the most fun booth of all... the touch you and try to scare you and they grab your legs and arms and push you around but the annoying part is, your group they mostly get scared easily and when you are finally done, they tend to push you outside. I CANT WAIT TILL NEXT YEAR!!!!!

2. Christmas party
on friday we had another party. this time with our friends. it was sort of like a reunion because we didnt see my friend, uriel in two years and now she looks really really different. bea and angela (my friends) thought that she was from high school. of course bea would oviously start asking again and again "are you from high school?". us girls and pico (another friend) tried beating him in this hockey game thing but he was still and always defending champion. i played with him again and i got 3 points and he got 10... wow. i beat angela though. we had this game that we played outside it was called "guess the christmas carol:. it was sort of like charades but only songs. i was paired with uriel and angela was paired with bea. the first one was silent night and i got it correct unfortunately they said it was just TRIAL!!!!!!!!! wah. we wanted to get our gifts already!!! but they said it was just trial... oooh im the parents and i say that one is just trial!!! but i we got our gifts 5 songs after... wow. Oooooooh im the parents and i say that one was just trial!!! hmph.

3.The ligaya christmas party
this one was yesterday. we had a fun time. we went to xavier and well it was loud, very loud! the party was like the last meal or something like that. we ate bread with cheese in the begining then ate rice with chicken. the FOJs were supposed to practice at the back a song but i didnt want to preform. why?... i have my reasons. hehe. i watched them preform on stage and the mic was all cracky cracky which was like: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. there was like people singing and it was very loud. i covered my ears but it was still loud. we finally went home and we could still hear it outside xavier... wah.

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