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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The flu?!

Take a close look at my chicks first...

Joy (white one) is the boy and Lemon (brown one) is the girl.

Roque and i soon have to let go of these innocent chicks. WAAAAAAAAAH. we dont excatly want to let go of them. they didnt even make an egg or something. everyday, joy "tik-tilaoks" and Lemon "kuruuuu-kuruuuuuuu"'s we love them so much and we dont want them to die. but mom said that the Bird Flu is comming and they might get it... HOW IS SHE SURE THAT THEY WILL GET IT?! our country has no bird flu... YET... *dramatic music plays* i hope it doesnt come...

Now look at the dog.

Kiwi is our dog that is 91 (in dog years) and 13 in human years.

The kiwi has been here since he was born and we never had to let him go. he was always loyal...to me. everyday after school i would open the gates and go in the house and kiwi comes to the door and smells me then i pet him. he comes to me when i play the piano. he comes to me when i clap or call him. Raibies has been in the earth for a long time and that could kill us... but we dont have to let him go... YAY!!!!!!!! at least we have one pet...

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Blogger mama_aly said...

I love the way you argue your case! I think you can become a good lawyer someday.

Tita Aly

Friday, November 04, 2005


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