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Friday, January 13, 2006


Do you remember my small little chicks? Well, they arn't small no more! For days, and weeks after getting Lemon and feeding her with "special food" She finally laid an EGG!!!
This morning, My friend Gaby looked at the blackboard and it turned out... it was Friday the 13th!!!! O_O AHHH!!! *dramatic music plays* The day didn't turn out really bad. First, I had to type some parts of the script for our play: "A Christmas Carol" We modernized it abit like Marley's ghost gets to say: "Whaddup Dawg!!!" And I, the ghost of christmas past get to wear a hat and baggy pants... whoa... ^_~ when i went outside to buy snacks, Gaby accidently tipped over my jug... that was ok. We did the triangles after and nothing bad happened... YET!!! after school, i was going outside to go to flag retreat then i accidently broke my jug! (oh no) i even had alot of water. once i went outside for flag retreat, Maia V. started telling me that she had bad luck too. she broke a plate and glass this morning... (yes a bad day). i was already going to go to glee club when i realized i forgot my folder at home. when i reached the auditorium, the door was locked. we checked everywhere but no piano or chairs were ready in a classroom. cipi went to teacher julia in the office. teacher julia said that she gave the keys to one of the aids. we really didnt want to wait much longer. so cipi called javier and amanda to go the other way to the auditourium... the backstage. they finally opened the door. when sir came in the auditorium he said that we had to stay over until 3:00. we didnt recieve a letter. it turned out that it was the next week. i really thought i was having a bad day. turned out, when i got home my lemon laid an egg a brown small egg!!! well the day wasnt that bad.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!

another holiday...HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!